Stop Telemarketing Calls & Get Paid!

Are you sick and tired of receiving annoying telemarketing robocalls at all hours of the day, disrupting your everyday life? You are not alone; this epidemic affects people from all walks of life. In 2018, the robocall problem ballooned to over 47.8 Billion robocalls made in the US alone.

In my eBook, I will show you a tested and trusted method, which I have laid out step-by-step, to stop these calls. It doesn’t end there. I’ll also show you how to get these telemarketers to PAY YOU for the calls that were made without your permission!


About The Book

Robocalls affect all of us, but many of us don't know where or who to turn to for help. Have you ever tried returning a telemarketer’s call, only to receive an error for a phone number that doesn't exist or is disconnected? Telemarketers have leveraged technology in their favor to prevent a paper trail that leads back to them. I have personally studied laws and used these laws for my own benefit and protection. I’m not only living a life that is free of robocalls, but I also regularly make telemarketers pay me thousands of dollars for inundating me with these calls. The information in my book is a collection of my knowledge, experience, and expertise in tracking down telemarketers, informing them of their illegal activities, and making them pay under a little-known provision of a Federal law. Buy my eBook today and find out how you too can stop the madness... and get paid!​


Highlight of The Book

Success Stories

The strategies in my book have been proven to stop telemarketing calls and get telemarketers to pay you for the unsolicited and illegal calls placed to your cellphone. I have personally settled many of my own cases for thousands of dollars. Let me show you how, buy my eBook today!

Tips & Tricks

In 1991, Congress passed a little known law that prevents telemarketing calls to cellphones. In my eBook, I will show you how to leverage this law in your favor and make telemarketers face the music and pay for their transgressions. My eBook includes a free sample demand letter, get yours today!

Help & Support

As an added service, help and support is available at a discounted rate for those that have purchased my eBook. These services include demand letter service, company contact and address research, and assistance with writing rebuttals and/or negotiating a settlement. 

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Stop Telemarketing Calls & Get PAID!

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I will show you how to stop Telemarketing Calls and how to Get Paid between $500 to $1,500 per call you receive on your cellphone!


About The Author

My name is Tommy Tompkins and I was born and raised in Northeast Texas. After attending College in Texas, I relocated to Alabama and met my soul mate. We are married with two beautiful daughters and enjoy life on the Gulf Coast. For the last 15-20 years I have worked as an Insurance Adjuster and Insurance Consultant.


Over the years, I have also dealt with the abusive telemarketing calls that Americans are currently dealing with and decided to do something about it. My wife has witnessed my ability to take my knowledge and use it to stop the calls and she has also found the checks in the mail from these telemarketers. After many years of my wife persuading me to share this knowledge by writing a book about it, I finally took her advice. I want to personally thank everyone that purchases my eBook; together, with our collective efforts, we can fight back against the abuse of telemarketing calls. I encourage all of you to become a robocall warrior! 


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